This indicates the Level, Class Standing Limitations, College Enrollment Limitations, and Degree Limitations.

LV Level.
1 Undergraduate
2 Graduate and professional students
3 Postbaccalaureate students
4 Credential or Non-Degree students
5 Professional
6 INTO OSU GE/AE/Pathways

CL Class.
1 freshman
2 sophomore
3 junior
4 senior
5 undergraduate nondegree
6 graduate nondegree
7 postgraduate (undergraduate)
8 Master s candidate
9 Doctoral candidate
g postbaccalaureate (graduate)
v professional
CO College.
01 Agricultural Sciences
02 Business
03 Education
04 Pre-Engineering
05 Forestry
07 Pharmacy
08 Science
09 Graduate School
10 Liberal Arts
11 Defense Education
14 University Exploratory Studies
15 Veterinary Medicine
16 Professional Engineering
17 Interdisciplinary
18 Honors
19 Academic Learning Services
20 Overseas Study
22 Pre-Business
23 Public Health and Human Sciences
24 Earth, Ocean and Atmostpheric Sciences
EP Intensive English Program

DG Degree.
Degrees listed may be HBA (Honors Bachelor of Arts), HBFA (Honors Bachelor of Fine Arts) and HBS (Honors Bachelor of Science).

NSHD=No-show-drop; see Academic Regulation 9.

+ and -:
+ means ONLY; for example, CL+1 means only freshmen.
- means NO; for example, CO-6,7 means no students from the Colleges of Home Economics or Pharmacy may register.

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