Personal Information Help

Social Security Number (SSN)
You must provide Oregon State University with your correct social security number as outlined in the Social Security Number Disclosure and Consent Statement. Your SSN is also required by the Office of Financial Aid and Scholarships if you wish to be considered for financial aid. You may request another number to be used as your official Student ID at the Registrar's Office at the time of enrollment.

Ethnic Identity (optional)
Please indicate your ethnic identity by selecting a response from the drop-down menu. In compliance with federal reporting requirements, OSU must seek to identify the ethnic background of applicants for admission. You are encouraged to supply this information, but may decline without in any way prejudicing your application.

Immigrant / Permanent Resident Number
Please provide your resident number (*A-_________) and date issued (mo/day/yr). If you do not have a Resident Alien Card, you are not required to provide this information. Applicants possessing a Resident Alien Card are required to provide a photocopy to the Office of Admissions, 104 Kerr Administration Bldg., Corvallis, OR 97331.

Country of Citizenship
All applicants other than U.S. citizens are required to list their country of citizenship.

Please provide your current e-mail address. The Office of Admissions may communicate notices, deadlines, and other useful information via e-mail.